HED Wheels: About Us

We are the aerodynamic pioneers in the world of cycling. Always at the forefront of innovation our wheels are the most advanced in their field. In 1984 our products first started to push the boundaries of product design. The introduction of the first disc wheel at the start of the 1980’s signaled our arrival in to the world of performance cycling. Ever since, our wheels have continued to evolve year upon year. It is this constant evolution that has resulted in products that are optimally adapted to today’s racing and riding conditions.

Evolution is a constant process and our products are the items that are constantly propelling evolution to the next level. With a most meticulous prototyping procedure our products not only guarantee to be the most technically advanced from material and fabrication perspectives but also guarantee to be outstanding performers in real world conditions. Our wheels are rigorously wind tunnel tested but various incarnations of any particular product are also ridden extensively on the road months before product finalisation. This process is vital as it allows us to gauge and feel the product interaction with real world conditions.

At HED every frontier of performance is explored. It is all too easy to be blinded by aerodynamics but we also explore the other facets that greatly influence real world speed. Manipulation of rim to tyre interaction, rim profiles, bearing efficiency and optimum spoke tensions are but a few of the areas that we fastidiously investigate to optimize rolling resistance, cross wind stability, drive train efficiency, comfort, cornering performance and puncture resistance.

Our wheels have been victorious in every major race in the world over the past 25 years. From the Tour de France to the IronMan World Championships our wheels have won them all. This is a fact, which at first glance, may not be immediately apparent. Our wheels frequently receive the biggest compliment possible in the world of cycling. Many professional teams and athletes choose to purchase our wheels from their personal and team budgets despite having other wheel sponsors. Often unbranded, our wheels have graced the bikes of many pro cyclists in the biggest races albeit under the radar of onlookers in an almost underground scenario. When these situations arise it is the biggest “chapeau” a wheel manufacturer could ever receive. Forget aero performance graphs and aggressive marketing campaigns - these situations are the real seal of approval that marks products as the most advanced, the highest performing and the outright quickest available.

Our latest product range is the result of 28 years of experience. Every scenario has been confronted in these years and it is this experience that has forged the latest product line up. Years of knowledge have bred the most extensive wheel range available anywhere. Our latest wheel range is exhaustive and offers a wheelset for every condition, every type of terrain and every road discipline. From time trial to triathlon, from road racing to sportives we have a wheelset capable of assisting any riders in their passionate, unrelenting quest for speed.

HED. Pioneers of speed.