HED Wheels Servicing

Our in house servicing department is the ideal place to make sure that your wheels are running correctly.

Our workshop service covers everything from a simple routine service all the way through to complete re-builds.

All work is completed by our Pro Tour level mechanics who when they aren’t working here at our UK base they are away helping our pro teams in the biggest races such as the Tour, Giro, Vuelta and Spring Classiscs to mention but a few.

Our servicing prices can be found below, but as always if you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Servicing Price List

Basic Labour Charge £40.00 per hour
Examples of job durations*
Wheel de-build & re-build 1hr 30'
Rear wheel bearing and freehub bearing change 25'
Replace a broken spoke, re-tension & true the wheel 45'
Spare parts price list  
Spokes** £4.00 per spoke
Spoke Nipples £0.50 per nipple
High Grade Stainless Bearings £12.50 each

Prices for any other components such as replacement rims or hubs will be given on request.

If you would like to book your wheels in for a service then please initially contact us. Once your wheels are booked in to our workshop please send them to the following address along with a cover note detailing the work that needs to be undertaken as well as all contact details for return delivery and communication:

HED Wheels, 36b Church Lane, Dore, Sheffield S17 3GS

When we receive your wheels we will inspect them before advising on a total cost via email or phone.

* No two wheel builds are ever the same so the durations may vary. We are however always honest with the time that each job takes and will not over charge at any time.

** Like for like replacement spokes are always used where possible. However, with some older models of wheel the spokes aren’t always readily available. In such cases we will use different replacement spokes but will try and match these as closely as possible from a visual point of view. By doing this we can get the wheel back to a perfect useable condition in the quickest possible time – spoke availability and delivery times would otherwise dictate that a wheel may not be able to be serviced/re-built in good time if we were to wait for an exact replacement spoke to arrive with us. In any scenario we will always contact and discuss before processing any work situations such as these.