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Stinger Disc
Stinger Disc

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HED Stinger Disc Wheel


Our Stinger disc wheel can certainly lay claim to being the world’s fastest. With its bulbous, full carbon profile and “skeletal” construction it offers a potent blend of super aerodynamic performance, lateral stiffness, light weight and serviceability. 

Testament to the speed of the Stinger disc is given by way of its use within the professional peloton. So many times will the trained eye identify our Stinger disc under the world’s best riders in races such as the Tour de France and the World Championships. Nearly every time a Stinger disc is used in anger in these races it has no stickers. They always leave our warehouse with stickers intact, but the pros have to “de-sticker” them because they have other, official team wheel sponsors. So, why do they purchase the Stinger Disc if they have other wheels readily given to them? It’s simply because the Stinger Disc is the fastest, they know it and they need the vital seconds that it affords. 

Organic aero profile, full carbon construction

The Stinger disc wheel’s speed is the result of its quite radical shape. The tyre bed is wide, wide enough to support the new breed of fatter, quicker tubular tyres. This wide tyre bed then flares rapidly in bulbous fashion before tapering again about 90mm away from the initial tyre section. Then, from this narrow point the profile begins to flare again, albeit steadily, down the carbon sides of the wheel before smoothly joining at the hub junction. This, organic, flowing profile is responsible for the extreme drag reduction experienced when riding the Stinger Disc. This shape allows improved airflow no matter the yaw angle. The closed, carbon sides naturally reduce drag in much the same fashion as any other disc but the bulbous profile helps airflow to stay attached to the wheel longer, in turn reducing drag even more. In fact, under certain yaw angles the irregular shape actually acts as a “sail” creating forward propulsion and negative drag numbers. This is something unique and results in a devastatingly quick wheel whatever the conditions. 

The Stinger Disc boasts a wider tyre bed. This wider bed “hugs” the tubular tyre offering more stability to the tyre sidewalls. This alters the tyre-to-road “footprint” morphing it in to a shorter but wider impression that, in turn, hugely reduces rolling resistance. This “hugging” of the tyre also cuts drag as the rim-to-tyre junction becomes seamless, devoid of creating any turbulent air. 

Our Stinger disc wheel has a “skeletal” construction. This unique method of disc wheel construction allows us to more easily tune the aforementioned radical aerodynamic profile, save weight and also build in an amount of serviceability that is not seen on any other disc. The Stinger disc wheel starts life as a regular Stinger wheel, a Stinger 9 to be exact, spokes and all. This wheel acts as the carrier “skeleton” for lenticular carbon “skins” to be bonded on to and in turn creating the full, closed, disc wheel. This method not only allows for superior refinement in aero profile but also saves weight and naturally adds in serviceability to the wheel. Now, the Stinger disc is very strong as the bonded carbon sides add to the lateral stiffness of the complete structure but a certain amount of wheel truing is possible if a big hit is taken. 

Super smooth rolling

Our own “Sonic” hub is utilized within the build featuring super grade ABEC 5 stainless bearings and an over sized axel. This oversized axel, 15mm in diameter, reduces deflection and peak loads on any point within the bearing race in turn reducing rolling resistance and extending bearing life. Serviceability is taken care of via two simple 5mm allen keys and Shimano/SRAM & Campagnolo compatibility is offered ensuring any rider is catered for. 

A full resulting weight of 1195g is then complemented with our light weight titanium quick release skewers before a valve extender and L-shaped pump adaptor complete a comprehensive package.

This wheel is also available in a track specific version and a disc brake option.

RIM DEPTH full disc

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