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The H3 – The Original Marker:

The H3 has been a winner for years. In over 20 years of aerodynamic dominance no other item of cycling equipment can lay claim to as many victories during the biggest races. Tour de France time trials, Giro d’Italia time trials, Vuelta a Espana time trials, World Championship time trials, Ironman World championships, and countless National time trials to name but a few have all been won on the venerable H3


So, why you ask, is the H3 so successful? Why has its concept lasted and never been superseded in over 20 years? Well, the answer lies in its versatility when analysing from an aerodynamic perspective. The H3 simply performs in all conditions, whatever the wind speed, angle and resulting yaw figures. The H3 is fast when the wind is hitting head on, the H3 is fast when the wind is howling from the side.


Quick. All the time. In any conditions

There may be quicker wheels that perform in pockets of yaw conditions but, across the board, the H3 is, on average, the fastest. Using the H3 is simple. You don’t have to try and calculate wind angles and speeds across a course, hoping that you’ve made the right choice. What if you get your choice wrong? That 82mm deep wheel that you’ve chosen to be super quick across one section of a race route is all of a sudden handling awfully and is stalling out on the return loop. This doesn’t happen with the H3. It will be just as fast across any section of the race course as it never “stalls out”. This affords the rider ultimate peace of mind leaving the mind free of “wheel choice worry” allowing full concentration on race preparation and aerobic execution.


So, how does the H3 achieve this equilibrium in aerodynamics, whatever the conditions? The secret lies in its eye catching shape. Its radical shape and appearance, still lust worthy after all of these years, is based around its “3 spoke” construction. These 3 spokes, deep but slender, feature an aerofoil shape and are mated seamlessly to a 55mm deep rim. When the wind angle is low speed is afforded by the mid depth rim working in tandem with the three aero profiled “spokes” or “blades”. These slice through the wind and it’s their utilisation that sets the H3 apart, in terms of drag reduction, from other wheels that feature 50-60mm depth rims and standard spokes when the wind angles are low. When the wind starts to kick from the side the rim portion of the wheel is largely unaffected as it is of a conservative, mid depth. Naturally, this mid depth of 55mm is far less affected by cross winds than wheels that feature rims of 80mm +. Also, the aerofoil shape of the three spokes allows air to flow smoothly around them, even when it attacks them from high angles. This all results in the H3’s stall angle, the angle at which the wheel becomes unstable and counterproductive from a drag reduction perspective, being very obtuse.


H3C Details

The H3C is the full carbon model of the H3 compatible with tubular tyres. The full carbon construction comprises the 55mm deep rim and broad “3 spokes” and mates them seamlessly to create one drag beating object. 3k carbon is utilized within the build as it offers a fantastic blend of torsional rigidity and light weight all the while looking simply beautiful. The rim width is narrow so is perfectly optimized for use with tyres that have a width of 19-22mm and also aero frames that have particularly tight clearances.


The hubs are our own “Sonic H3” and these are completely joined and mated with the “3 Spokes” to create a seamless, smooth construction. The hubs house super hi-grade ABEC 5 stainless bearings and are completely user serviceable via the use of two 5mm allen keys.



Both front and rear wheels are available within this guise with the rear wheel offering complete compatibility with all gear systems from Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo. Good braking performance on this wheels full carbon surface is realised through the use of any good carbon specific brake pad.

This wheel is also available in a track specific version.

WEIGHT FRONT 830g 820g
WEIGHT REAR 1020g 1010g
WEIGHT PAIR 1850g 1830g
RIM WIDTH 19mm 19mm
RIM DEPTH 55mm 55mm

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