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Since 1984.

Steve and Anne HED have always been at the forefront of cycling wheel design, creating the first disc wheel and their first aero spoked wheels in the early 1980s. Since these initial designs, HED wheels have continued to evolve year upon year. This constant evolution has led to them being realised as aerodynamic pioneers within the industry.

HED's meticulous research into wheel design and rim profiles has resulted in them being the owners of the aerodynamic rim patent. These rim patents form the base of their design, testing and manufacturing processes that all occur in-house at their Minnesota USA based facility. Keeping everything in-house allows them to thoroughly control every stage of development and production, resulting in safer, faster wheels.


HED's wheels have been victorious in every major race in the world over the past three decades. From Tour de France and Giro d'Italia stage wins, to triumphant World Championship time trials and IronMan World Championships, their wheels own quite a palmarès.


Tark Sports Limited is the proud and sole distributor of HED wheels within the UK. Owned and run by avid, devoted cyclists, Tark Sports Limited is passionate about the sport and its products. This ingrained enthusiasm and technical knowledge allows Tark Sports Limited to serve dedicated, speed-obsessed cyclists and help them fulfil their personal two-wheeled ambitions.

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