Accidents happen, So, we offer support during misfortune

None of us like to think about crashing. In fact some of us believe that merely thinking of such events can bring them on. But, the reality is that, as nasty as it sounds, crashes and accidents can sometimes occur. It's for this reason that we try to offer some support during misfortune via our lifetime crash replacement scheme.

If you happen to damage your HED wheels during a crash or accident then we offer a discount on a new, replacement wheel or wheelset to help get you back riding again as quickly as possible. There are a few rules that we have to adhere to within this policy but we have tried to design this scheme to be as fair as possible to the riders of our wheels




1) This scheme is available for lifetime to the original owner of the wheels and is non-transferable.

2) The wheels must have been purchased directly from ourselves.

3) The original receipt of purchase/proof of purchase needs to be forwarded to us.

4) The damaged wheel/wheels must be returned to us.

5) A like-for-like replacement, as judged by ourselves, will be the replacement wheel/wheelset.


The amount of discount that is offered within our lifetime crash replacement scheme can vary depending on a number of factors but we always offer the fairest solution to ensure you are riding again as quickly as possible.

Generally speaking the amount of discount that is offered is between 15% and 25% off a brand new wheel/wheelset. Each case is individual so we'll advise once initial contact has been made by you.


1) Contact us >

2) Download and complete the below returns form

3) Send the damaged wheel(s) back to us. Include the completed return form and your original purchase receipt in your parcel.

4) We will then assess everything and contact you with the details of resolution.