Our renowned performance at lower price points


The HED Outlet offers a chance to invest into the speed, technology and reliability that our wheels offer at a fraction of the cost of one of our very latest wheelset. Our wheels are constantly developing so the latest model year of wheelset is always going to be the fastest that we offer. However, that doesn't mean than our slightly older wheels all of a sudden become slow. In fact, in most cases, even our older wheels are much faster and more stable in cross winds than current wheels from our competitors.


Within our outlet we offer wheels that are from our past yearly collections. They are all of course official HED products but are offered at reduced price points for if you are on a tighter budget but still require pro level performance from your equipment. All of the wheels are in stock and all are sold with our HED 5-year warranty (unless otherwise clearly stated) and our full technical support so that you can buy with complete confidence.