Ardennes RA Black Rim Brake Front Wheel

Ardennes RA Black Rim Brake Front Wheel

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Whether attacking an all-day ride in the mountains, racing over a heavily undulating course or powering along in the local chain gang, the Ardennes RA Black rim brake wheels are hardy, reliable and fast riding companions.


The high-grade alloy rim is lightweight but laterally stiff to ensure a responsive, energetic ride, while its strength allows it to tackle the roughest roads with consummate ease. The braking surface utilises HED’s Turbine technology to result in a hard black, anodised, textured surface that reduces stopping distances in the wet by up to 70%. What’s more, this braking surface is devoid of the overheating and tyre blowouts sometimes seen with all-carbon clincher rims, offering a supremely safe ride, even on the longest mountain descents.


A depth of 25mm makes the rim almost invisible to crosswinds, and the 21mm internal rim width better supports the sidewalls of tubeless-ready or standard clincher tyres, resulting in lower rolling resistance and extra traction at more forgiving, lower inflation pressures.


The rim rotates around an in-house designed Sonic Pro hub, and Sapim CX-Ray spokes lace the build together in a radial pattern.

  • Features

    A multifaceted performer suitable for any ride


    Handbuilt in HED’s own Minnesota, USA based facility


    High-grade alloy rim construction


    Light and stable 25mm deep rim profile


    All-black Turbine braking surface is anodised and machined for shorter stopping distances


    21mm wide internal rim measurement


    Tubeless-ready or standard tube-type tyre compatible


    HED Sonic Pro hub


    Sapim CX-Ray spokes


    Radial spoke lacing patterns

  • Specifications

    Rim Material: HED alloy


    Rim Type: Hooked


    Tyre Compatibility: Tubeless-ready clincher or standard tube-type clincher


    Rim Size: 700c


    Rim Depth: 25mm


    External Rim Width: 25mm


    Internal Rim Width: 21mm


    Effective Rim Diameter (ERD): 593mm


    Rim Weight: 454g


    Rim Decals: Printed


    Braking Surface: Turbine; black anodised and textured


    Recommended Brake Pad: Standard alloy


    Hub Model: HED Sonic Pro 515


    Hub Bearing Type: 6902 2RS Radial


    Front Axle: 5mm quick release


    Build and Spokes: x 18 in a radial pattern


    Spoke Type: Sapim CX-Ray Bladed, straight pull


    Spoke Length: 286mm


    Assembly Method: Hand-built in Minnesota, USA


    Wheel Weight: 645g


    Optimal Tyre Size: 28mm


    Max Tyre Pressure: 23mm tyre: 80psi / 25mm tyre: 75psi / 28mm tyre: 70psi / 32mm tyre: 70psi


    Includes: Alloy QR skewer, tubeless-ready rim tape, HED wheel manual


    Crash Replacement Policy: Yes, read more: HED Crash Replacement


    Warranty: 5-years. Read more: HED wheels warranty

  • Attention

    The anodised surface on Black wheels is a formulation that is harder than the cosmetic coating on many anodised aluminium rims.  

    With some forethought and minimal maintenance on the rider’s part it will last a long time so please take note of the following points:


    1) Use of clean rubber brake pads will result in the longest life of the black surface. 


    2) Embedded rocks and road grit will wear the anodising much faster than rubber brake compound.  Be advised that wet and/or dirty road surfaces will contaminate brake pads.  The road grit in badly contaminated pads will wear the black surface. 


    3) If your rides are regularly on wet and/or dirty roads the hard anodised surface on the Black rims will have a shorter life than it would in dry conditions.

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