Ardennes RA PRO Disc Brake Rear Wheel (2021)

Ardennes RA PRO Disc Brake Rear Wheel (2021)


Our range topping Ardennes RA PRO Disc Brake model features a blend of the best components to make a pro-level wheelset.. Read more below

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With disc brakes now well and truly ensconced within the world of road bikes we naturally offer a wide selection of our wheels in a disc brake option. Our Ardennes disc brake range takes our industry leading, wide "Plus" rims and couples these with the increased performance of a disc brake to offer the fastest combination across any course or route. The Ardennes Plus range of disc brake wheels features a tiered structure to enable a natural upgrade to your disc brake bike at multiple price points to suit individual budgets.


Our range topping Ardennes RA PRO Disc Brake model features a blend of the best components to make a pro-level wheelset that is capable of performing across any terrain. The RA PRO is a rare beast in that it will excel across a multitude of riding applications. Grinding up mountain passes? No worries, the RA PRO will make it feel like you’re dancing. Powering along flat valley roads? The RA PRO’s decreased rolling resistance will make it feel as if you have no chain. Sprinting for the line or a road sign? The superior stiffness afforded via a true hand build has the wheels kicking back at you like a mule.


Even wider is even better

The Ardennes RA PRO Disc Brake, as the name would imply features our wider, “Plus” rim format that is suitable for clincher/tubeless tyres and is made from a high grade aluminium. Back in 2007 we pioneered the “wide rim movement” that revolutionised wheel performance by lowering rolling resistance, increasing comfort and improving cornering grip. Pushing the boundaries even further the "Plus" rim is another 2mm wider than our original, wide, 2007 rim, increasing the all important internal rim width to a whopping 21mm, magnifying the riding results even more so. The extra rim width widens the tyre base and increases tyre volume, resulting in more vertically orientated sidewall, which, in turn, leads to less tyre deformation and a wider, but shorter tyre-to-road “footprint”. This morphed, altered contact patch reduces rolling resistance and increases cornering grip before the increased tyre volume naturally increases comfort levels tremendously.


Better braking, super stealthy look

This wheelset is completed with a stealthy look and increased braking performance afforded naturally via disc brakes. As already stated, the rim itself is based around our "Plus" format with the alloy material of this rim being anodised to give a seamless all black, "en vogue", sultry aesthetic.

Slick hubs

The rims then spin around our "545" Disc Brake hub set. This hubset features ABEC 5 hi-grade stainless bearings to minimise friction to a minimum all the while offering a good level of longevity. Our "545" disc hubs come as stock with either 12mm or 15mm thru axles at the front and 12mm at the rear. We also have a conversion available separately for standard quick release skewers allowing complete compatibility with any disc brake bike. Shimano/SRAM and Campagnolo compatibility is then offered ensuring that any bike set up is catered for before a 5 pawl, 46 tooth freehub affords rapid, efficient drive engagement.

Efficient build, created for disc brakes

Stiffness and strength is integrated in to the wheelset. Both front and rear wheels utilise 24 spokes built in a 2-cross pattern. This pattern ensures maximum wheel stiffness and efficiency even during all out sprints or hard uphill efforts but also copes admirably with the extra forces generated on the hubs and spokes by the improved braking performance of disc brakes.

The package is completed with our valve extenders and tubeless compatible, airtight rim tape.