B.A.D. (Big Aluminium Deal) Fat Bike Rims

B.A.D. (Big Aluminium Deal) Fat Bike Rims


Our B.A.D. clincher rims are the same rims as used in our B.A.D. wheelset collection. By offering a rim only option it allows private wheel builders.. Read more below.

Our B.A.D. clincher rims are the same rims as used in our B.A.D. wheelset collection. By offering a rim only option it allows private wheel builders to add our industry leading performance to their portfolio.


Light and stiff

The B.A.D. rim is an aluminium construction and ultilises a ribbed, single wall design. Even when using aluminium, our advance design and construction technique mean that you’ll still save a huge chunk of weight per wheel! This ribbed cross section also goes about enhancing stiffness and strength with it’s irregular shape, suring rim integrity, readying the structure for hits and bumps from all directions.


Easy tyre installation and comfort

Ease of tyre installation on our Big Aluminium Deal rims is then taken care of via “Inflatobam”, our patent pending system for installing big tubless tyres. As already mentioned, the Big Aluminium Deal rim features an irregular cross sectional shape to enhance strength but this twin channel profile also provides a better pre-inflation seal by trapping each tyre bead against the rim. This in turn dramatically reduces the amount of air it takes to get the tyre beads to “bam” in to place (hence the name “Inflatobam”!). In addition to this rim shape our Inflatobam technology also utilises “Inflatobands”. These bands are fitted to the internal rim section before tyre installation and effectively provide a variable rim-channel diameter. This compensates for any discrepancies in tyre bead diameters by minimising the gap between the tyre beads and the rim channels, which is the main culprit of installation problems due to air leaks. Also note that our rim shape does not require the use of tyre levers and that it is fully compatible with the use of inner tubes.


Once the tyre is seated the unique rim shape then comes in to play again as the angled bead shelf prevents the tyre from collapsing back in to the rim at low pressures. This helps to ensure no tyre burping or slipping. With the ability to run even lower pressures the increased comfort part of our initial design brief is then catered for nicely.


Be sure to carefully read the details on the specifications tab on this website page to find out detailed information on the different option we offer in this rim.