Emporia GA Pro Gravel Rear Wheel (2021)

Emporia GA Pro Gravel Rear Wheel (2021)


Explore further and deeper into the wilderness across forest paths and uncharted tracks with our Emporia GA Pro gravel wheelset... Read more below

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With gravel and adventure riding becoming one of the fastest growing sectors within the bike industry there is clearly a need for specific wheelsets to maximise performance and enjoyment beyond the tarmac. In response we have designed and executed an exciting new wheelset. Building on the experience from our groundbreaking Ardennes, that revolutionised road bike wheel design, we have created the Emporia gravel wheelset to help you explore further, higher and deeper into the wilderness. With the Emporia, the road never ends…


Super wide, super strong, super versatile

As with all of our wheels the foundations for performance are laid within the rim design and structure. To start, we’ve used the same 6061 alloy as with our Ardennes wheels as this has ultimately proven to be a strong, reliable material. With the Emporia rim however we’ve made some important design alterations that ensure it’s ready for all of the rough tracks and trails that you’ll encounter when adventuring off the beaten path. The new concept has widened the rim on the Emporia to 30mm overall with the internal rim width also growing to 25mm. This measurement coupled with our “Fat-Lip” design, that reinforces the tubeless tyre bead, provides all of the extra strength and tyre support needed when running lower pressures over rough terrain. Extra comfort and increased cornering grip is a given while those extra hard impacts that would have previously had you perturbed are no problem with the Emporia. What's more, if your riding is mixed, also containing some tarmac, then the extra tyre sidewall support granted by the wider rim ensures that rolling resitance is kept to a minimum when zipping along the road.


Hand built, smooth rolling, comprehensive compatibility

With a strong, comfortable and fast base provided by the rim design and construction the Emporia is then complemented perfectly and finalised with a full in-house hand build. Using a resilient and reliable round spoke the rims are laced onto our “545’ hub. This hub utilises ultra high end stainless bearings to guarantee low rolling resistance and longevity while the 5-pawl 45 ratchet freehub internals make sure of rapid and consistent power engagement. 

Complete compatibility is afforded by offering all Shimano and SRAM freehub options, all thru axle standards and a choice of either 700c or 650b standards. With this the Emporia is fully set, ready for roaming across the wilderness, traversing any track or forest trail on any gravel bike of your choice.


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