GP Performance 4-Pawl Freehub Bodies
  • GP Performance 4-Pawl Freehub Bodies

    In stock in the UK based HED Wheels warehouse


    Replacement freehub body for HED GP Performance rear hubs. This freehub body will work on GP Performance rear hubs found on the Ardennes, Vanquish and Emporia Performance wheels.


    These freehub bodies have 4-pawl springs and are compatible with the 15mm outer diameter wheel axles of HED Performance wheelsets.

    • Options

      Shimano HG (HU652): This option features a spline pattern that is suitable for 9, 10, 11 and 12-speed Shimano cassettes. A spacer is provided for when using narrower 9 and 10-speed Shimano cassettes. This freehub body is also compatible with SRAM 10 and 11 speed HD style cassettes (but not the SRAM XD format).


      SRAM XDR (HU654): Compatible with 12-speed SRAM XDR cassettes used by SRAM's RED, Force and Rival eTap groupsets.


      Campagnolo N3W Ekar (HU659): Designed for 13-speed Campagnolo Ekar cassettes found on the brand's gravel specific groupsets. Please note: the wheel will need to be redished when coverting to/from Campagnolo gear set ups.

    • Specifications

      Includes 1 x freehub body (the Shimano option is also provided with 9 and 10-speed outer spacers).


      Compatible with HED GP Performance rear hubs


      Compatible with 15mm diameter GP Performance axles only


      The 4-pawl system is only compatible with HED GP Performance rear hubs