HED Premium Valve Extenders
  • HED Premium Valve Extenders

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    The HED Premium Valve Extenders are designed for tyres or inner tubes with Presta-style valves with removable valve cores. These extenders thread directly onto the valve, allowing the use of the original valve core to open or shut the air supply when inflating the tyre.


    Sold in pairs, these valve extenders are installed via the supplied tools. Simply unthread the existing valve core on the inner tube or tyre valve, screw the valve extender into the valve and screw the original valve core into the end of the valve extender. Tip: apply a little plumbers Teflon tape around the valve extender's thread before installation into the valve to improve the air seal.


    Two lengths of valve extender are available: 40mm and 80mm.

    • Specifications

      Valve extenders for presta style inner tube or tyre valves with removable valve cores.


      Sold in pairs and supplied with installation tools.


      Aluminum construction


      Two lengths available: 40mm or 80mm