HED Pro Gloss All-Black Wheel Decals

HED Pro Gloss All-Black Wheel Decals

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The Pro gloss all-black decals are perfect for smartening up the appearance of wheels after a hard season of use. With a durable adhesive backing and a handy application paper, these decals are easy to apply and are hard-wearing.


These decals are designed as direct replacements for the Vanquish RC Pro, Jet RC Black and Emporia GC3 Pro wheel decals. There are different sized decals for the different rim depths. These are as follows:


DE501: Jet RC4 Black / Vanquish RC4 Pro

DE502: Jet RC6 Black / Vanquish RC6 Pro / Vanquish RCD Disc (aero)

DE503: Jet RC9 Black / Jet RCD Black Disc (aero) / Vanquish RC8 Pro

DE504: Emporia GC3 Pro


The price includes x 1 decal. Four decals are required for one wheel.


  • Specifications

    Self-adhesive decals for 2021 to present Vanquish RC Pro, Jet RC Black and Emporia GC3 Pro wheels.


    The pack includes x 1 decal. x 4 decals are required for one wheel.


    Handy carrier paper facilitates application


    Gloss, all-black finish


    Hard wearing