HED Shimano 545 5-Pawl Freehub Body

HED Shimano 545 5-Pawl Freehub Body

Replacement freehub body for HED 545 rear hubs. This freehub body will work on 545 hubs that were first introduced on wheel models in 2016 through to the current collection.


Compatible with 15mm wheel axles, this freehub has 5-pawl springs that engage on the 45 ratchets within the hub body.


The spline pattern is suitable for 9, 10, 11 and 12-speed Shimano cassettes. A spacer is provided for when using narrower 9 and 10-speed Shimano cassettes.


This freehub body is also compatible with SRAM 10 and 11 speed HD style cassettes (but not the SRAM XD format)




  • Specifications

    Includes 1 x freehub body.

    Compatible with Sonic Pro 545 hubs that are used on HED wheels from 2016 to the present collection.

    Compatible with Shimano 9, 10, 11 and 12-speed cassettes.

    The included spacer is required when using Shimano 9 or 10-speed cassettes.

    The 5-pawl system is only compatible with 545 hubs with 45 internal ratchets.