HED Wheel Decal (x 1 Wheel Sticker)

HED Wheel Decal (x 1 Wheel Sticker)


Replacement decals/stickers for current HED wheels. £15 buys you one stricker/decal. You need x 4 decals for a complete wheel (£60) Read more below

Replacement decal for all of our wheels. These are the latest version of our decals as seen on our current wheel collections.

3 different depths of these stickers are available to suit our different rim depths - choose the appropriate depth from the drop down menu.

Please note the price is for a single sticker. You need 4 stickers to do a single wheel, 6 if your wheel is an H3. 

On the drop down menu Stinger is abbreviated to an "S", Jet is abbreviated to a "J" and Vanquish is abbreviated to a "V"