Jet RC4 Black Front Wheel (2021)

Jet RC4 Black Front Wheel (2021)


The Jet RC4 Black offers an unprecedented level of versatility. With its low weight and clincher tyre convenience it’s a fantastic choice for... Read more below


The Jet RC4 Black offers an unprecedented level of versatility. With its low weight and clincher tyre convenience it’s a fantastic choice for rolling, hilly sportives, hard racing in its rawest of forms or indeed fast Sunday group rides. The 46mm deep, wide and bulbous rim profile, aerodynamically refined via our “Stability Control Technology”, means the Jet RC4 black also ticks all of the boxes with regards to Time Trialling and Triathlon. With an envious blend of aero performance and super cross wind handling, aero bar security is guaranteed, even if you are a rider of slighter stature.


Wider but more aero

The Jet RC4 wheelset is a “hybrid” construction as we blend our aluminum “Plus” rim with an aerodynamic carbon “Skin” to offer a rim format that devastatingly optimizes clincher tyre use.


Our wide, aluminium “Plus” rim format, utilised in this wheelset, decreases rolling resistance and increases comfort. By widening the internal rim-to tyre junction to a huge 21mm we have altered the clincher tyre profile and increased its sidewall stability. This results in a morphed tyre-to-road “footprint” with the new impression being shorter in length but also fatter in width. This has major knock on effects with rolling resistance being reduced and cornering grip increased. All the while, comfort is hugely improved as much lower tyre pressure can be used due to the bigger tyre volume produced by the improved tyre cross sectional profile.


In addition to our wider “Plus” format we then add our Jet UD carbon “skin” to complete the equation. This carbon section, bonded expertly to the aluminum section, offers unrivaled drag reduction and cross wind assuredness via our “Stability Control Technology”, or SCT for short. This technology tunes the profile of a rim according to its depth to afford the best possible blend of drag reduction as well as cross wind stability through a huge range of wind angles.


Better braking, super stealthy look

This wheelset is completed with a stealthy look and increased braking performance afforded via our “Turbine Technology”. This is our all black rim finish that is designed with a textured, integrated braking surface. This brake surface offers unprecedented stopping power, 25% better in the dry and a huge 70% superior in the wet, before also increasing rim life. The all black textured finish is harder and tougher than a standard CNC braking surface as its integrated in to the rim early in the manufacturing process and will help you stop with increased braking confidence.  Ease of use and serviceability is then ensured with our black rims as all standard brake pads are fully compatible and recommended.


Slick hubs

The rims then spin around our “545” hub set. This hubset features ABEC 5 hi-grade stainless bearings that rotate on oversize 12mm & 15mm axles, front and rear respectively. The use of these oversized axels reduces deflection and peak loads on any one point throughout the bearing race minimizing rolling resistance and increasing longevity. Full, easy serviceability is also catered for within these hubs and can be performed via two simple 5mm allen keys. Shimano/SRAM and Campagnolo compatibility is offered ensuring that any bike set up is catered for before a 5 pawl freehub offers rapid drive engagement.


Efficient build, heavier riders catered for

Stiffness and strength is integrated in to the wheelset with Sapim CX-Ray spokes, hand laced and trued. The front wheel exhibits eighteen spokes, laced in a radial pattern, affording even more drag reduction to an already slippery configuration while the rear wheel utilises 24 spokes, built in a 2-cross pattern. This pattern ensures maximum rear wheel stiffness and efficiency even during all out sprints or hard uphill efforts but also helps to normalise spoke tensions whether drive or non-drive.


The resulting, complete wheelset weight is 1630g and the package is completed with our own lightweight, steel quick release skewers and tubeless compatible, airtight rim tape.