Jet RC4 Performance Front Wheel (2021)

Jet RC4 Performance Front Wheel (2021)


The Jet RC4 Performance Plus offers an unprecedented level of versatility. With its low weight and clincher/tubeless tyre convenience.. Read more below


The Jet RC4 Performance offers an unprecedented level of versatility. With its low weight and clincher/tubeless tyre convenience it’s a fantastic choice for rolling, hilly sportives, hard racing in its rawest of forms or indeed fast Sunday group rides. The 46mm deep, wide and bulbous rim profile, naturally aerodynamically refined via our “Stability Control Technology”, means the Jet RC4 Performance also ticks all of the boxes with regards to Time Trialing and Triathlon. With an envious blend of aero performance and super cross wind handling, aero bar security is guaranteed, even if you are a rider of slighter stature.


The Jet RC4 Performance is ready for any hand that it’s dealt in terms of terrain or genre of competition so is the perfect choice if you require a “one-wheel-does-everything” solution. Want a performance guarantee every time you ride? Simple. Choose Jet RC4 Performance.


Wind cheating and fast rolling

Our hybrid carbon and aluminium 46mm deep Jet RC4 Performance rims, with all of their performance traits that grant pure riding speed are utilized within this build. Our aluminium, 25mm wide “Plus” rim acts as the “base” on which this rim is formed. This wider rim enhances the tyre-to-rim interface which in turn offers far superior clincher tyre sidewall stability and greater tyre volume. As the tyre is now “sitting” on the rim with a much enhanced profile the tyre-to-road contact patch is morphed in to a shorter, wider impression affording lower rolling resistance and increased cornering grip. Enhanced comfort is then taken care of by the increased tyre volume naturally afforded by widening the tyre base.


Our lightweight, UD carbon “skin” is then bonded expertly on to this aluminium section affording great aerodynamic properties to the build. This skin, 46mm in depth is sculpted via our “Stability Control Technology”. This technology alters the profile for any given rim depth to ensure the greatest possible drag reduction across a wide range of wind angles. This concept also ensures hugely reassuring levels of cross wind stability even during high gust riding situations.


Slick hubs and drive efficiency

This rim is then accompanied by our own “Sonic Black” hub set. ABEC 5 high grade stainless bearings rotate around oversize axles, 12mm in diameter at the front and 15mm at the rear. Utilising oversized axels within our hubs decreases peak loads at any one point within the bearing race in turn lowering rolling resistance and increasing bearing longevity. Full Shimano/SRAM, SRAM XDR and Campagnolo compatibility offers affords use with any bike before maintenance is easily performed via two 5mm allen keys.


Stiffness and strength is then integrated seamlessly with Sapim CX-Ray spokes, hand laced and trued. The front wheel exhibits eighteen spokes, laced in a radial pattern, affording even more drag reduction to an already slippery configuration while the rear wheel utilises 24 spokes, built in a 2-cross pattern. This pattern ensures maximum rear wheel stiffness and efficiency even during all out sprints or hard uphill efforts but also helps to normalise spoke tensions whether drive or non-drive.


A full wheelset weight of 1649g is completed with our own lightweight, titanium quick release skewers, tubeless compatible, airtight rim tape and valve extenders.