Jet RC6 Performance Wheelset (2021)
  • Jet RC6 Performance Wheelset (2021)


    This wheelset is, quite simply, performance personified. With a rim depth of 60mm that has a tuned profile to lower drag... Read more below


    This wheelset is, quite simply, performance personified. With a rim depth of 60mm that has a tuned profile to lower drag across any wind angle the Jet RC6 Performance is a stalwart to riders when they request unprecedented levels of drag reduction and sublime handling. No matter the genre of aerodynamic application the Jet RC6 Performance will perform, pigeonholing it as one of those “fit and forget” components.


    Countless pro and amateur riders alike utilize the Jet RC6 Performance as their “go to” wheelset during triathlons while Time Trial specialists make devastating use of it as their front wheel, even when the UK is battered by winds from the Atlantic. Sportive riders will bludgeon their way along rolling routes while weekend warriors will look great at the café stop as they wait for their riding buddies, previously dropped during the final “pre-cake” surge.


    Wide and Aero

    The rim is at the heart of this wheel and it features our “hybrid” Plus rim format. This format utilises our wide aluminium plus rim as the “base” component to which a UD carbon aerodynamically tuned “skin” is expertly bonded.


    The 25mm wide aluminium part of the rim is designed to optimise clincher tyre use to unprecedented levels and is basically the same that we use within our Ardennes Plus range of wheels. By widening the rim-to-tyre interface the tyre “sits” in a much superior fashion altering its cross sectional profile and increasing sidewall stability. This alters the tyre-to-road “footprint” making it shorter but wider with resulting lower rolling resistance and increased cornering grip being experienced by the rider. The altered tyre profile then affords more internal volume which, in turn, promotes advanced levels of comfort


    This aluminum “base” rim then receives our UD carbon “skin”. This 60mm profile is tuned and sculpted via our “Stability Control Technology” (SCT). This allows the Jet RC6 Performance to perform, aerodynamically speaking, better than most of our competitors offerings of 80mm depth and above all the while handling like a much shallower wheel. The result is that our Jet RC6 Performance can be used without debate in time trials, triathlons or rolling road races and sportives such is its versatility.


    Slick rolling, super power transfer

    These rims then roll around our own “Sonic” hubset. Featuring super grade stainless bearings these hubs also feature oversized axels. A 12mm diameter axel at the front and a 15mm diameter at the rear reduces peak forces on the bearing race circumference, improving rolling performance and increasing bearing life to previously unheard of levels. Full Shimano/SRAM & Campagnolo compatibility is offered as standard before a maintenance friendly arrangement allows servicing via the use of two simple 5mm allen keys.


    Supreme aerodynamics and power transfer are then added with the use of Sapim CX-Ray spokes. The front wheel exhibits eighteen spokes, laced in a radial pattern, affording even more drag reduction to an already slippery configuration while the rear wheel utilises 24 spokes, built in a 2-cross pattern. This pattern ensures maximum rear wheel stiffness and efficiency even during all out sprints or hard uphill efforts but also helps to normalise spoke tensions whether drive or non-drive.


    The full wheelset weight is 1698g before the package is completed with our own lightweight, titanium quick release skewers, valve extenders and tubeless compatible, airtight rim tape.