Jet RC9 Performance Rear Wheel (2021)

Jet RC9 Performance Rear Wheel (2021)


Aerodynamically speaking the Jet RC9 Performance is unassailable. It has won Tour de France time trials, World Championship time trials and countless Ironman... Read more below

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Aerodynamically speaking the Jet RC9 Performance  is unassailable. It has won Tour de France time trials, World Championship time trials and countless Ironman championships. When aerodynamic performance is required, during high level competition, when chasing a PB or during a grudge club TT the Jet RC9 Performance is the passport to unprecedented speed.


Use it as a wheelset or pair it with our disc wheels for a record breaking TT… Use the rear wheel, paired with something like our Jet RC6 Performance front wheel to make a wheelset dialed for Kona… However you ride, when everything is on the line the Jet RC9 Performance Plus is tethered while standing still, waiting to break records, hungry to devour the clock in your solitary moments of pain.


Blistering drag reduction. Super rolling

The rim is the headline component within this wheelset and it utilises our “hybrid” technology to make devastating use of the latest, wide clincher tyres. This technology mates our wide “Plus” aluminium rim with our UD carbon aerodynamic “skin” to form a complete component capable of blistering speed.


Despite its huge, aerodynamically superior 90mm deep rim the Jet RC9 Performance isn’t just for low wind angles or incredibly calm days. The “Stability Control Technology” (SCT) manipulated carbon “skin” allows it to perform like a much shallower wheel even when a breeze kicks up. The profile is sculpted through hours of testing to offer the best aerodynamic performance across a huge range of wind angles while still remaining incredibly stable in cross wind scenarios. This carbon section is then bonded on to our aluminium “Plus” rim.


Our wide aluminium “Plus” rim format decreases rolling resistance and increases comfort. By widening the rim-to tyre junction to a huge 25mm we have altered the clincher tyre profile and increased its sidewall stability. This results in a morphed tyre-to-road “footprint” with the new impression being shorter in length but also fatter in width. This has major knock on effects with rolling resistance being reduced and cornering grip increased. All the while, comfort is hugely improved as well due to a bigger tyre volume produced by the improved tyre cross sectional profile.


Buttery hubs. Industry leading build

Industry leading, aero profiled Sapim CX-Ray spokes are used to tie this rim to our “Sonic” hubset. This hubset features super high grade ABEC 5 stainless bearings that rotate around oversized axels. These axels, 12mm and 15mm in diameter, front and rear respectively, ensure that peak loads on the bearings are minimized to smooth rolling and increase longevity. Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo compatibility make sure that every rider is catered for. What’s more, servicing is easiliy performed with two simple 5mm allen keys. Eighteen spokes are utilized in the front wheel to cut drag while a 2-cross pattern is used for the 24 rear spokes to guarantee super lateral stiffness when on the rivet.


The 1884g wheelset is then of course completed with our own quick release skewers, valve exteders and air tight rim tape is supplied as standard should you wish to ever run a tubeless tyre set up.