Jet 9 Plus Track Wheelset (2020)
  • Jet 9 Plus Track Wheelset (2020)


    The Jet 9 Plus Track wheelset is the fastest of our Jet track line up. When all out speed is required the Jet 9 Plus Track will... Read more below

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    While the common consensus is to go for a skinny, tubular tyre configuration, pumped up to super high pressures for velodrome applications we have found many benefits with ultilising wider, clincher tyres on many aging, imperfect track surfaces. In fact, through our own internal testing programs, we have found clincher tyres on our wide rims to actually lower times compared to tubular set ups on many track settings. Our Jet Plus range of track wheels offer the benefits of lowering rolling resistance via it’s widest-in-class rim bed, unbeatable aero performance thanks to the sculpted carbon rim profiles and the conveneince of being able to easily swap tyres between training and race rubber. 

    Introduction to the Jet 9 Plus Track

    The Jet 9 Plus Track wheelset is the fastest of our Jet track line up. When all out speed is required the Jet 9 Plus Track will help you attain personal best performances in events from the kilo through to an individual pursuit.


    Our Jet 9 Black wheels utilise our “hybrid” construction technology. This technology mates our aluminium “Plus” black rim with an aerodynamically sculpted UD carbon “skin” to offer an unbelievably quick platform that optimses clincher tyre use. Almost implausibly low rolling resistance is catered for with our, wider “Plus” aluminium tubeless-ready clincher rim format. This format uses a 25mm external & 21mm internal platform that widens the rim-to-tyre interface. This helps the tyre reside on the rim with a much superior cross sectional profile and further enhances tyre sidewall stability. This morphs the tyre-to-track contact patch into a shorter but wider impression resulting in lower rolling resistance and increased cornering grip. The improved tyre cross sectional profile then increases the internal tyre volume which in turn grants the possibility of much lower tyre pressures. This results in much improved comfort levels, even across rougher, outdoor tracks, without an increase of dreaded rolling resistance.

    An aerodynamically manipulated UD carbon “skin” is then expertly bonded on to this aluminium “base” rim. This carbon section is a huge drag reducing 90mm in depth and is refined and sculpted via our “Stability Control Technology” (SCT). This fastidiously profiled rim is not only tremendously fast but will also handle predictably in the case of darting up and down the boards whilst jockying for position.

    Super stealthy, all black rims

    This wheelset is completed with a stealthy look. As already stated the rim itself is a carbon/alloy hybrid with the alloy tyre bed bonded expertly on to the carbon aero "skin". The alloy section of this rim is anodised to give a seamless all black transition from carbon to alloy lending an "en vogue" sultry aesthetic.

    Slick hubs

    The rims then spin around our own “Sonic” High Flange hub set which is specifically designed for track applications. This hubset features ABEC 5 hi-grade stainless bearings to minimise friction to a minimum all the while offering a good level of longevity. Our “Sonic” high flange hubs come with 120mm spacing for compatibility with specialist track framesets. Of final note, our track hubs are then compatible with threaded track cogs of Shimano 1.29” x 24 specification.

    Efficient track specific build

    Stiffness and strength is integrated in to the wheelset with aero bladed spokes, hand laced and trued. Both front and rear wheels utilise 24 spokes built in a 2-cross pattern. This pattern, coupled with the high flanges on our “Sonic” track hubs ensures maximum wheel stiffness and efficiency even during all out track sprints under the most powerful riders.

    The package is completed with our valve extenders and tubeless compatible, airtight rim tape.