Jet RC Performance Disc Wheel

Jet RC Performance Disc Wheel


Our Jet Plus disc wheel offers a potent blend of raw aerodynamic performance and optimsed clincher tyre performance.. Read more below


Our Jet RC Performance Disc Wheel wheel offers a potent blend of raw aerodynamic performance and optimsed clincher tyre performance. A “Hybrid Skeletal” construction mating our wide “Plus” rim format with aero carbon “skins” is utilised to devastating effect within the build. This unison allows us to fully tune the aerodynamic profile in to a yaw beating, organic structure while also enabling us to maximise clincher tyre performance to previously unheard of levels.


Radical, organic, aero profile

What makes the Jet RC Performance Disc  so quick is its radical aerodynamic profile. Starting its journey at the 25mm wide tyre junction this profile holds this maximum width until about 70mm of wheel depth before it tapers, giving an unusual bulbous appearance. From this narrow point the carbon sides then start to flare outwards again, albeit steadily, until the hub junction as met in full integrated fashion. It’s this, wave like profile that reduces drag to astonishingly low numbers. The closed carbon sides offer drag reduction in much the same manner as any other disc wheel but it’s the irregular shape that allows airflow to remain attached to the wheel for longer all the while taking advantage of the increased performance traits of the wider, quicker clincher tyre. The result is that speed and stability across all wind angles are massively improved upon with “stalling”, the wind angle that renders a wheel aerodynamically inferior, is eradicated.


Hybrid construction. Ruthless clincher tyre performance

The Jet Plus disc wheel uses a “hybrid skeletal” construction that comprises the carbon, aero sculpted sides and aluminum tyre junction/braking surface. This aluminium section is actually a complete rim structure in itself that is joined to the hub with Sapim CX-Ray spokes to form a regular wheel. This wheel then acts as the base structure that the carbon sides are then expertly bonded on to.


The aluminium portion of this wheel is actually the very same that we use in our Ardennes Plus wheelset. This 25mm wide rim increases the width of the tyre base that in turn alters the clincher tyre profile to offer much increased sidewall stability. This altered tyre profile morphs the tyre-to-road “footprint” making the impression wider but shorter. This massively reduces rolling resistance and increases cornering grip while the extra tyre volume afforded by the new tyre profile offers new levels of increased ride comfort.


Smooth rolling

Our own “545” hub is utilized within the build featuring super grade ABEC 5 stainless bearings and an over sized axle. This oversized axel, 15mm in diameter, reduces deflection and peak loads on any point within the bearing race in turn reducing rolling resistance and extending bearing life. Serviceability is taken care of via two simple 5mm allen keys and Shimano/SRAM & Campagnolo compatibility is offered ensuring any rider is catered for. For Fitting information please cut and paste the following youtube link.


A full resulting weight of 1253g is then complemented with our own quick release skewers complete a comprehensive package.