Jet RC9.D Black Rim Brake Wheelset
  • Jet RC9.D Black Rim Brake Wheelset

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    The Jet RC9.D Black is the fastest rim brake wheelset from HED when attempting the quickest possible ride during time trials.


    The front wheel has a 90mm deep rim that is aerodynamically tuned via HED's oft-copied, patented profile to realise an optimum balance of drag reduction and stability. The front wheel is partnered by the "skeletal" rear disc wheel that incorporates carbon sides expertly bonded to a standard spoked wheel. This manufacturing method keeps the weight low and the vertical compliance high, resulting in a reactive, comfortable and more powerful ride, especially when the road surface is rough. The carbon sides of the disc wheel exhibit a waved profile to help regulate the dirty airflow at the bike's rear, further decreasing aerodynamic drag. 


    Both wheels have a hybrid construction, blending carbon and aluminium. While the carbon portions take care of the aerodynamics, the aluminium outer sections provide structure and strength, and include the all-black "Turbine" rim brake surface. This textured brake surface reduces stopping distances by 70% in the wet and 25% in the dry for a safer, more controlled ride, whatever the weather conditions. The aluminium sections of the rim also sport a broad, 21mm internal tyre junction, helping tubeless-ready or standard clincher tyres realise lower rolling resistance and increased cornering traction at comfort-inducing lower inflation pressures.


    Sonic Pro hubs house the smoothest bearings that seemingly spin forever, and the 545 rear freehub guarantees rapid engagment when accelerating away from roundabouts and corners. The front wheel has 18 Sapim CX-Ray spokes, with their bladed profiles contributing to lower drag, especially at higher speeds.

    • Features

      HED's fastest rim brake wheelset for rapid time trials


      Handbuilt in HED’s own Minnesota, USA based facility


      The front wheel has a carbon/alloy hybrid rim construction for aerodynamics, control and safety


      HED patented 90mm deep front rim profile


      The rear disc wheel has a carbon/alloy “skeletal” construction for lower weight, increased compliance


      The waved side profile of the disc wheel markedly reduces drag at all yaw angles


      All-black Turbine rim braking surface is anodised and machined for shorter stopping distances


      21mm wide internal rim measurement


      Tubeless-ready or standard tube-type tyre compatible


      HED Sonic Pro hubs


      Five-pawl, 45 ratchet freehub body


      The front wheel has 18 Sapim CX-Ray spokes


      Radial front wheel spoke lacing patterns

    • Specifications

      Rim Material: HED carbon x alloy


      Rim Type: Hooked


      Tyre Compatibility: Tubeless-ready clincher or standard tube-type clincher


      Rim Size: 700c


      Rim Depth: Front: 90mm / Rear: Full disc


      External Rim Width: Front: 32mm / Rear: 28mm


      Internal Rim Width: 21mm


      Effective Rim Diameter (ERD): Front: 593mm / Rear: 593mm


      Rim Weight: Front: 615g / Rear: N/A


      Rim Decals: Removable stickers


      Braking Surface: Turbine; black anodised and textured


      Recommended Brake Pad: Standard alloy


      Hub Model: Front: HED Sonic Pro 515 / Rear: HED Sonic Pro 545


      Hub Bearing Type: Front: 6902 2RS Radial / Rear: 6902 2RS Radial


      Freehub Options: Shimano HD 9, 10, 11 & 12-speed, SRAM XDR 12-speed, Campagnolo


      Front Axle: 5mm quick release


      Rear Axle: 5mm quick release


      Build and Spokes: x 18 front in a radial pattern / rear: NA


      Spoke Type: Front: Sapim CX-Ray Bladed, straight pull


      Spoke Lengths: Front: 286mm


      Assembly Method: Hand-built in Minnesota, USA


      Wheelset Weight: 2130g (Front: 830g / Rear: 1300g)


      Aerodynamically Optimal Tyre Size: Front: 25mm, Rear: 25mm


      Max Tyre Pressure: 23mm tyre: 80psi / 25mm tyre: 75psi / 28mm tyre: 70psi / 32mm tyre: 70psi


      Includes: Alloy QR skewers, valve extenders and tool, tubeless-ready rim tape, disc wheel valve hole covers, HED wheel manual


      Crash Replacement Policy: Yes, read more: HED Crash Replacement


      Warranty: 5-years. Read more: HED wheels warranty

    • Attention

      The anodised surface on Black wheels is a formulation that is harder than the cosmetic coating on many anodised aluminium rims.  

      With some forethought and minimal maintenance on the rider’s part it will last a long time so please take note of the following points:


      1) Use of clean rubber brake pads will result in the longest life of the black surface. 


      2) Embedded rocks and road grit will wear the anodising much faster than rubber brake compound.  Be advised that wet and/or dirty road surfaces will contaminate brake pads.  The road grit in badly contaminated pads will wear the black surface. 


      3) If your rides are regularly on wet and/or dirty roads the hard anodised surface on the Black rims will have a shorter life than it would in dry conditions.

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