Stinger 6 Track Front Wheel (2020)

Stinger 6 Track Front Wheel (2020)


The best way to describe the Stinger 6 Track is if you needed one wheel for all of the events in the omnium. All omnium... Read more below

With many a track rider now choosing clincher tyres down to ultimate convenience there is still a distinct sector of velodrome traditionalists who see no reason to veer away from the supple ride, light weight and wide range of useable tyre pressures afforded by the faithful tubular tyre. We have to agree that there is something special about the heritage of tubs, the feel of satisfaction upon doing a great gluing job, the ability to fine tune the ride via a huge range of tyre pressures and indeed the spritely ride characteristics.


Our Stinger range of track wheels offers a multitude of rim depths, all based around our supremely aerodynamic, full carbon tubular rim allowing you to specify your wheelset depending on track event preference.

Introduction to the Stinger 6 Track

The Stinger 6 Track could most certainly be pigeonholed as the perfect wheel. The best way to describe the Stinger 6 Track is if you needed one wheel for all of the events in the omnium. All omnium events are catered for within the Stinger 6’s heady performance CV. With its mid-depth, 60mm profile it can quite easily be put to devastating use across so many track racing applications. 


Full carbon rim, super aero, super stiff

The 60mm deep, 28mm wide, full carbon rim is suitable for tubular tyres and offers a great blend of light weight, superb lateral stiffness and, due to the “Stability Control Technology” tuned profile, fantastic aerodynamic performance. The wider rim “cradles” the tubular tyre, smoothing the rim-to-tyre junction which acts to reduce turbulent airflow in this area therefore reducing drag. This “cradling” also grants more tubular tyre sidewall stability altering the tyre-to-track “footprint” morphing it in to a shorter but wider impression. This hugely reduces rolling resistance as well as increasing cornering grip. 


Slick hubs

The rims then spin around our own “Sonic” High Flange hub set which is specifically designed for track applications. This hub-set features ABEC 5 hi-grade stainless bearings to minimise friction to a minimum all the while offering a good level of longevity. Our “Sonic” high flange hubs come with 120mm spacing for compatibility with specialist track framesets. Of final note, our track hubs are then compatible with threaded track cogs of Shimano 1.29” x 24 specification.


Efficient track specific build

Stiffness and strength is integrated in to the wheelset with aero bladed spokes, hand laced and trued. Both front and rear wheels utilise 24 spokes built in a 2-cross pattern. This pattern, coupled with the high flanges on our “Sonic” track hubs ensures maximum wheel stiffness and efficiency even during all out track sprints under the most powerful riders.

The package is completed with our HED valve extenders.


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