Stinger 9 Rear Wheel (2020)

Stinger 9 Rear Wheel (2020)


Our Stinger 9 is an “Aero Monster”. During individual efforts against the clock whether in time trials or triathlons.. Read more below

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Our Stinger 9 is an “Aero Monster”. During individual efforts against the clock whether in time trials or triathlons, when performance is on the line, the Stinger 9 is the wheel of choice. This is the wheel to choose when chasing that elusive PB, when competing in a national championship or when trying trounce your main club rival.

Proof of this wheels performance is found within the world of pro cycling. This wheel has been used extensively in Tour de France time trials and World Championship time trials to name but a few, even when the rider is actually sponsored by another wheel manufacturer. We can always tell when a major professional race is approaching as we start getting enquiries and have to start shipping the Stinger 9 out to addresses of pro team headquarters. If this isn’t testament enough to the speed of this wheel then we don’t know what is – when speed is on the line, choose the Stinger 9.


Super aerodynamic, full carbon rim

The Stinger 9’s world leading aerodynamic performance centers on its huge, 90mm deep, rim profile. This rim, full carbon in construction, is tuned, tweaked and moulded to afford a potent blend of aerodynamic performance and cross wind handling. Our “Stability Control Technology” is heavily infused in to its design. This design thesis enables us to tune the cross sectional rim profile to maximise aerodynamic performance across a huge range of wind angles and speeds all the while normalising cross wind gusts. This rim profile is also increased to a width of 28mm to smooth the tyre-to-rim junction. This further reduces drag while also increasing tyre sidewall stability. More sidewall stability morphs the tyre-to-road “footptint” in to a shorter but wider impression to reduce rolling resistance in dramatic fashion.

Two types of carbon are utilized within this rim structure to fully enhance the riding experience. The bulbous rim “sidewalls” are realised in UD carbon. This UD carbon is light and laterally stiff but also adds a certain amount of vertical compliance, enhancing comfort. 3k carbon then makes the brake track and structural tyre bed. This carbon is hugely laterally stiff but also dissipates heat during prolonged braking. This carbon, when paired with any good carbon specific brake pad offers great stopping power and modulation.


Low rolling, efficient build

Our own “Sonic Black” hubs, affording unprecedented rotational smoothness and durability through the use of hi-grade ABEC 5 stainless bearings and oversize axels, are adopted within the build. The use of oversized axels reduces peak forces and deflection pressure on any point within the bearing race in turn reducing rolling resistance and increasing bearing longevity. Full Shimano/SRAM and Campagnolo cassette compatibility is offered as standard and complete serviceability is easy through the use of two 5mm allen keys. These hubs are then laced to the full carbon rim via the industry leading Sapim CX-Ray spokes. The Stinger 9 is hand built in the US using 18 radial laced spokes in the front wheel for optimised aerodynamics and 24 spokes, 2-crossed in the rear for lateral stiffness and power transfer guaranteeing a wheelset with a comprehensive level of performance.

The Stinger 9 is best suited to riders who are currently competing at average speeds of 25mph +. Due to the deep rim it is designed to maximise a riders performance at these speeds and resulting yaw angles (Yaw = wind speed and angle combined with rider speed). Slower riders or riders of a slighter build can still use the Stinger 9 as a rear wheel but a shallower Stinger wheel such as the Stinger 6 is suggested as a front wheel to minimise handling problems during gusty wind conditions.

A full wheelset weight of 1692g is complemented with our own light weight titanium quick release skewers and HED valve extenders.


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