Vanquish RC4 Pro Front Wheel

Vanquish RC4 Pro Front Wheel


With the Vanquish we were certain that we had made quite an evolutionary step in the genre of aerodynamic wheels... Read more below

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Welcome to the Vanquish PRO.

We have been producing aerodynamic wheels for over thirty years now, but the Vanquish Pro, our latest creation, is certainly one that is giving us huge levels of excitement. When we eventually finalised all of the details and specifications for the Vanquish Pro we were certain that we had made quite an evolutionary step in the genre of aerodynamic wheels.


A question of safety and performance gains.

The Vanquish Pro has been a long process. It is our first full carbon wheel that is suitable for clincher and tubeless tyres. While other manufacturers hurriedly pushed carbon as the material of choice for aerodynamic clincher wheels we weren’t convinced. We repeatedly asked ourselves why carbon was being utilised within carbon clincher wheels by all of our rivals. Certainly, a carbon wheel can be made with very little weight, but to try and achieve even the minimal safety level, in desperate attempt to avoid tyre and tube failure due to overheating rims under braking, the carbon often had to be reinforced. This resulted in minimal, if any, weight loss over an aluminium rim all while the question of safety remained large.


Within our research of rival wheels and indeed our own we were finding that to make a full carbon rim brake clincher wheel, with satisfactory but still questionable safety levels, the weight was actually almost exactly the same as our Jet wheels that feature an aluminium section mated to an aero profiled carbon “skin”. So, we asked ourselves “what’s the point?”. There is no point in using a material just because it’s available and looks aesthetically pleasing… If a wheel can be made with another material, as with our Jet wheels, that has the same weight, equal aerodynamic performance but absolutely no issues with safety then why is there a need to change? Consequently, our search to create a full carbon clincher wheel suitable for rim brakes was rightfully halted.


The advent of disc brakes affords new opportunity

With road disc brakes now steadily taking over the safety aspect of overheating carbon clincher rims under braking is removed. This affords a great new opportunity within aerodynamic wheel design. 


With an aero disc brake clincher wheel we can now take advantage of carbon as a material, not because it’s pretty or because we’re being forced in to utilising it, but because it is now the best material available to offer the greatest level of performance. Gone is the need to heavily reinforce the rim brake track area with additional layers of carbon meaning that the rim can now be made lighter than with any other material. Also, with the extra rim and tyre clearance granted by removing the rim brake caliper the rims cross sectional profile and width can be manipulated and maximised to further enhance aerodynamic prowess.


New opportunity. New brief. New levels of performance.

Taking these major new points we started with a completely blank canvas. The result? The Vanquish Pro. The Vanquish Pro does more than just replicate the profile of our already best-in-class Jet wheel. We have completely redesigned the rim profile of the Vanquish making it even wider. The maximum rim width is now a whopping 30mm and this, along with the all new rim profile, works in perfect unison, aerodynamically speaking, with the new breed of wider clincher tyres. The Vanquish hits an aerodynamic sweet spot with the use of 22mm-25mm wide tyres but, if you fancy a little more comfort or are tackling rough roads then there is very little aero penalty with tyres even up to 28mm in width.


Originally it was thought that there would be an aero penalty by using disc brakes but we discovered when developing the Vanquish Pro that this is clearly not the case. We are not alone in this discovery as we are backed up by a number of leading bike manufacturers who are also now realising the full aerodynamic potential of disc brakes. With certain, important, design constraints being lifted with the use of disc brakes, wheels and frames can actually be made faster than their rim brake counterparts.


With aerodynamic performance taken care of via our new rim profile the internal rim width of the Vanquish Pro, at a huge 21mm, then takes care of rolling resistance. This increased internal rim width, a trait that is forgotten by so many other brands when designing wheels, is hugely important as it spreads the clincher tyre base. This in turn morphs the tyre-to-road footprint resulting in massively reduced rolling resistance. The resulting ride feel of our Vanquish is “down a couple of sprockets” extraordinary.


All important details 

The groundbreaking performance of the Vanquish Pro is achieved within a rim that is lighter, stiffer, more comfortable and more responsive than any other rim we have ever produced. These traits, coupled with our super smooth hubs, hand build and enhanced, disc brake performance result in the fastest wheel, per depth that we have ever produced. Whether seeking ultimate performance on the road or exploring the gravel, the Vanquish Pro is the new benchmark.


Our Vanquish rim is actually made on site in our own Minnesota factory. This allows us to stringently adhere to our own super high levels of quality control. The Vanquish Pro is fast, reliable, easy to maintain and is super safe, with these attributes combining to offer the rider the ultimate peace of mind from every aspect.


Tune your ride with three different rim depths

Not all rides are equal and all riders are built differently and require different specifics from a wheelset. Terrain changes as does the wind depending on your location. Some riders are bigger, some are petite, some want maximum aero performance, some want nimble acceleration. It's for these reasons that the Vanquish Pro is available in three different rim depths, 40mm, 60mm and 80mm. All of these depths feature the same wide tyre bed, 30mm overall rim width and fastidiously tuned aero profile but all offer slightly different ride characteristics to suit you and your style of riding. Need a light, nimble, climbing wheel for the mountains? Then the 40mm rim depth of the Vanquish RC4 Pro is the perfect choice. Fast paced, rolling road race? Choose the 60mm Vanquish RC6 Pro. Do you want the fastest option available for an effort against the clock? The 80mm deep Vanquish RC8  Pro is the answer.


These are just some of the examples of the vast riding requirements that our Vanquish Pro family covers. With the three rim depths, and the option to mix and match there is the perfect wheelset available for however you ride.


Multiple axle options available

The Vanquish Pro comes as stock with either 12mm or 15mm thru axles at the front and 12mm at the rear. We also have a conversion available separately for standard quick release skewers allowing complete compatibility with any disc brake bike.