Vanquish RCD Pro Disc Wheel, Disc Brake
  • Vanquish RCD Pro Disc Wheel, Disc Brake


    Our latest disc wheel, the full carbon Vanquish redefines performance against the clock via reduced drag, reduced weight and reduced rolling resistance... Read more below

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    All facets considered, the Vanquish is our fastest ever disc wheel. Representing the very latest in wheel technology it’s designed purely around the performance of next generation aerodynamic bikes. Created specifically with disc brakes in mind the full carbon rim, tubeless tyre compatibility, aero tuned cross section, wide inner rim width and low weight all ensure that it is primed to deliver in any event against the clock.


    Full carbon rim, superior aero performance with any tyre width

    The superior performance of the Vanquish Disc is largely afforded via its full carbon rim and its organically profiled carbon sides. The rim, utilising our own specific materials, begins with a wide inner width of 21mm. This measurement spreads a tyre out across its profile, allowing an improved cross sectional profile with the by-products being lower rolling resistance, increased comfort and improved cornering grip.

    Now that the tyres are supported in this superior fashion the exterior, 30mm width of the rim then ensures that the airflow transitions smoothly from the tyre onto the wheel. This wider external width permits the use of 23mm to 28mm wide tyres with little aero penalty across the board allowing the rider to select tyres based on the traits of the road surface with little concern of increased drag.


    Skeletal construction = low weight and comfort

    With initial airflow accommodated via the rim the carbon sides of the Vanquish disc then keep it attached along the whole surface of the wheel. Organic and waved in shape, they manipulate the airflow to further lower drag when compared to a standard flat sided disc wheel. These carbon sides are skin-like and are stretched over a standard spoked wheel to form a skeletal-hybrid construction. This promotes a lower weight and an ultimately comfortable ride, especially when compared to solid disc wheels of old, allowing the rider to concentrate on smooth power application even when the roads are irregular. The use of spokes also means that truing of the wheel can be carried out in normal fashion, extending the wheels longevity even after mis-haps such as crashes and potholes.


    Silky smooth hubs, total compatibility

    The Vanquish Disc is complete with our own “545” hub. With its smooth, ultra high specification stainless bearings rolling resistance is minimal while the 5 pawl, 45 tooth freehub helps to guarantee rapid and efficient power transfer from rider to road. Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM freehub options are available with a 12mm thru axle standard allowing the Vanquish disc to offer compatibility to any rider hunting for the pinnacle of performance.