Volo Aero Disc Track Front Wheel (2020)

Volo Aero Disc Track Front Wheel (2020)


Our Volo Track Disc is the next evolution of the Disc wheel. Developed in conjunction with a new bike and wheel project for USA cycling.. Read more below

Redefining the disc

Our Volo Track Disc is the next evolution of the Disc wheel. Developed in conjunction with a new bike and wheel project for USA cycling ahead of the Olympics the Volo disc is for those occasions when everything is on the line and a World beating performance is required.


For the Volo we went back to the drawing board and started again with a completely blank canvas. Many wheels are often taken from the road before being adaped for track use but with the Volo we wanted to create something special, purely for the varied demands of track cycling. Track cycling can be very stressful from a design brief as a wheel not only has to be super aerodynamic but also tremendously stiff for mightily powerful track riders pumping out 1500+ watt surges all the while remaining light weight for blistering acceleration.


The most aerodynamic, the stiffest and the lightest

Fastidiously keeping to this list of requirements we sculpted the profile of the Volo to create the most aerodynamic track wheel we have ever produced. We gave it a hollow carbon construction to lower the weight, ready for hard accelerations but reinforced it with internal carbon ribs resulting in the stiffest disc we have ever conceived. In addition, the tyre bed is profiled and has an increased width to aid tubular tyres. This stabilises the tyre, offering sidewall support, which in turn lowers rolling resistance dramatically by morphing the “tyre-to-track” footprint.


This thorough level of design and execution ensures that the Volo is the wheelset to choose if you are looking to leave no stone unturned in your quest for a next level of performance.

Slick hubs

The Volo then spins around our custom made Onyx Racing hub set which is specifically designed for this wheelset. This hub-set features ultra hi-grade bearings to minimise friction to an Olympic winning minimum . These custom hubs come with 120mm spacing for compatibility with specialist track framesets and can be used with right or left side drive bikes. Of final note, the Volo is then compatible only with White Industries splined cogs that have an English 1.29” x 24 specification of thread.


The package is completed with our HED track axle and nuts.


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