Pioneering wide rim technology

Making a clincher rim wider spreads the tyre base morphing the tyre-to-road "footprint". This in turn dramatically reduces rolling resistance, increases cornering grip and comfort and aids aerodynamics. The internal rim width is the most important here with our Road "Plus" rims coming in at 21mm in this regard.



SCT or "Stability Control Technology" is a design process that results in our rims having the best balance of real world aerodynamics across multi yaw angles and cross wind stability per depth of rim. Each rim depth is tuned individually to ensure the fastest, most predictable and safest ride possible.



Our textured, machined, tough anodised, all black braking surface. Our "Turbine" concept dramatically increases rim braking performance and consistency, especially in the wet. The aluminium material has none of the safety compromises of all carbon clinchers - no melted rims, no risk of catastrophic tyre and tube failures.



By fine tuning the resins, lay-up schedule and carbon fibre orientation we can manipulate a wheels weight, strength, comfort and lateral stiffness. Our HED specific Carbon Fibre Matrix procedure takes time and patience but creates the most advanced composites with which to make our wheels with.



Our "Aero Skin" is, as the name implies, the aerodynamic section of our Jet rims. This carbon "skin", that features a sculpted profile for maximum aerodynamics and stability, is expertly bonded to the aluminium portion of the rim. The result is a no-compromise, fast and safe, clincher tyre ride.


Tubeless tyres lower rolling resistance, increase comfort and cornering performance and reduce the occurrence of both pinch and debris punctures. All of our tubeless tyre ready rims feature internal rim dimensions and altered rim integrity to be fully compatible with this performance evolution.



"Inflatobam"is the irregular cross section found on our Fat Bike rims. This twin channel shape not only increases strength but also provides a better pre tyre inflation seal. This in turn dramatically reduces the amount of air it takes to get the tyres beads to "bam" in to place during tyre installation inflation.


From laying up the carbon fibre material through to lacing, tensioning and truing spokes all of the work on our wheels is completed by hand here in-house. Our "By-Hand" approach ensures maximum quality control that in turn grants the greatest amount of performance and safety.