Who are we?




We are the aerodynamic pioneers in the world of cycling wheels.


Always at the forefront of innovation our wheels are the most advanced in their field. From all the way back in 1984 we first started to push the boundaries of wheel design. The introduction of the first disc wheel and our first aerodynamic spoked wheel during the 1980’s signalled our arrival in to the world of performance cycling. Ever since, our wheels have continued to evolve year upon year. It is this constant evolution that has resulted in wheels that are optimally adapted to today’s racing and riding conditions.


How do we work?



Wheel design is evolutionary and our products are the catalysts that propel this process. Our meticulous research on rim profiles in the wind tunnel and rim materials in the lab lay the foundations from which we can progress upward from.


However, we have always felt that the next stage is the most important and this occurs in the real world. Performance is ultimately defined out on the road. It's easy to make a wheel fast in a wind tunnel but how does it interact with real riding situations?


Our wheels spend more time on the road, pre production, than anywhere else. How do they handle in cross winds? Do they "feel" fast from a rolling resistance perspective? Do they inspire cornering confidence?... Only once our exhaustive list of questions is answered do we feel confident in releasing the final product.    


Where does it all happen?



All of our wheels are designed, tested and manufactured in Minneapolis, USA. From initial note paper scribblings, to computer design, to composite research, development and manufacture, to wheel testing and refinement, all the way through to packing and dispatch. It all happens right here at our base.


Keeping everything in-house allows us to completely and thoroughly control every stage of development and production. This results in ultimate satisfaction and product confidence for not only ourselves but also the end user.

Since 1996 our wheels have been available within the UK. For these last 22 years our UK branch have developed and stocked our wheels in Sheffield, supplying UK riders of all standards directly. 


Any proof of performance?



Our wheels have been victorious in every major race in the world over the past three decades. From Tour de France and Giro d'Italia stages, to World Championship time trials, to IronMan World Championships, our wheels have won them all.


Over the years the professional use of our wheels has often gone unnoticed. This is because despite teams and riders having official sponsors they have still often bought, from their personal budgets, our wheels before having to "de-badge" them. When these situations occurred we have always taken them as a huge "chapeau". Forget aero performance graphs and aggressive marketing campaigns. These occurrences are the real seal of performance approval.


Now, with a cult like status, our wheels grace the bikes of some of the most talented athletes in the world, professional and amateur alike, propelling them to outstanding feats of bicycle endurance and power.