Why choose our Jet Wheels? Four key points.

The principle design traits of our Jet wheels have evolved steadily over the past few years to now result in one of the most complete aero wheel ranges in today’s cycling industry. Top pro triathletes through to keen amateur riders trust our collection of Jet wheels to help them achieve their best results. 


So, why is this? Why are our Jet wheels still the best choice in an increasingly populous market? In this article we delve a little deeper into the fundamentals of the range and shed light on why we believe we are still leading the peloton within the genre of aerodynamic wheelsets.




This may seem like an obvious place to start but the aerodynamics of a bicycle wheel is essentially the topic upon which our brand and company was founded. Seeing that around 80% of the power that a cyclist produces vanishes in the fight against air resistance any reduction in rider or bicycle drag can have a huge impact on resulting performance and riding speed for any given effort.


We entered the world of aerodynamic wheels way back in 1984 and ever since our wheels have continued to evolve naturally as we discover new frontiers of design and manufacturing. Throughout the years, from our inception to present day, we have garnered a huge wealth of information with regards to rim profiles and how they interact with airflow. Our rim profiles are adjusted and manipulated in line with all of our discoveries and are collected from both from the wind tunnel and real world riding. These findings then result in wheels that are the fastest possible across a comprehensive sweep of commonly encountered wind (yaw) angles when riding. 


Our rim profiles are industry defining to the extent that we actually own the patents for the refined shapes. Their effectiveness with regards to aerodynamic performance is then proven via the fact that a number of other leading wheel manufacturers actually license our rim profiles for their own products. This we can take as a compliment pointed firmly in our direction and proof that our designs aren’t based purely on speculative claims.


Over the last few years there have been numerous positive opinions on the latest incarnations of our Jet wheels but the one that stands out for us is BikeRadar’s aerodynamic group test review of  wheels of similar rim depths from a number of leading brands. Within this test our Jet 6/9 wheel set came out shining which in turn acted as yet another doff of the cap towards our wheels. Why not take a look at the BikeRadar review here >


Wide clinchers rims are all the rage nowadays but we actually pioneered this movement way back in 2007. Before then internal rim measurements, when taken from rim tyre hook to rim tyre hook, were typically 15-17mm. But in 2007 we initially widened the internal rim width of our clincher Jet wheels to 19mm before widening again to a huge 21mm for 2013 onwards to present day.


This idea was initialised when we were researching wheel and rim aerodynamics and how they interact with tyre profiles. We found that by widening the rim a tyre of any given width would hold a superior shape when inflated in turn smoothing the tyre to rim junction. This intersection smoothness naturally allowed the airflow to stay attached to the tyre and wheel profile lowering drag significantly in the process.


With aerodynamics improved we also saw a by-product of widening the rim in the way of pure ride quality. The wider internal rim width holds the tyre on the rim in superior fashion allowing for a better cross sectional profile. Rather than the “lightbulb” profile we were seeing on narrower rims we started to see a rounder U-shape profile. This new profile, when under load, naturally increases the support of the tyre sidewalls. A consequence of this is a superior tyre-to-road footprint going from long and thin to short and fat. This new stouter footprint lowers rolling resistance and increases cornering grip granting a quicker riding experience. In addition, the rounder tyre profile also allows lower tyre pressures to be used, without sacrificing rolling resistance or increasing the risk of pinch punctures before inherently promoting a smoother, more comfortable ride, especially over rougher roads.


Okay, so this point is a little subjective but one that we certainly support and stand by. We firmly believe that our Jet wheels offer the best price-to-performance ratio currently available. Our Jet wheels are widely regarded as one of the most aerodynamic and crosswind-stable wheel ranges but when you look at the price you can start to understand claims based around the aforementioned price-to-performance ratio.


For example, take our Jet 6/9 wheelset. This is available in the Plus version, currently in our Outlet for £1050, or the Black version that is priced at £1600. Now, this wheelset is just about as aerodynamic as it gets across all brands (for reference see the BikeRadar aero wheel group test here >) but when you look at the price of similar performing wheelsets our price-to-performance ratio claims begin to become a lot clearer. Similar wheelsets from the other well established brands such as the Enve SES 7.8 (£3100), Zipp 808 NSW (£2850) or Mavic Comet Pro (£1900) are all well above the asking price for our wheelsets but offer no real performance increases (perhaps to be expected... see reason 1 above in regards to rim profiles...)


We understand that £1050 to £1600 for a pair of our Jet 6/9’s is still a serious investment. There are cheaper wheels available within the same rim depth category but we would argue that these simply do not compete on depth of research, manufacturing process, aerodynamic and raw ride quality standpoints. Simply put, we believe that our Jet wheels offer the best blend of performance and cost and feel that wide ranging, positive, independent athlete and industry views go a long way to solidifying our confidence in this regard.


One of our proudest assets is that all of our rims and wheels are designed from inception and then manufactured to completion in our head office/workshop. Our head office is based in Minnesota, USA and it is here that all of the product design, material identification, carbon rim manufacturing and hand wheel building occurs.


This closeness to all aspects of our products allows us to keep a strict eye on all procedures ensuring unrivalled end product control and standards. When purchasing a HED wheel riders can be safe in the knowledge that every stage during the creation of their new wheels was under scrutiny of human eye. Communication is paramount to creating a great product and by designing and manufacturing in one sole facility we ensure that our wheels are the very finest available.




A super fast wheelset featuring our 60mm deep Black front wheel paired with our 90mm deep Black rear wheel. A fantastic choice for all efforts against the clock including triathlons and time trials.

This was the very wheelset that came out shining in the BikeRadar aero wheel group test. 




Featuring the same aerodynamic properties as our range leading Jet 6/9 Black wheelset the Jet 6/9 Plus is a more cost effective way of achieving your PB's.

We currently have this 2018 version in our outlet at a greatly reduced cost.

Jet6_9Plus Pair.jpg



A fantastic all round performer the Jet 6 Plus wheelset is just at home against the clock or when pounding local rolling roads.

The 2018 version is in our Outlet for just £999.